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Devloper Guide

Cervello APIs

Cervello provides set of APIs that allows software developers to build external application that fully integrates with Cervello Platfrom.


All requests require OAuth access tokens are passed via the Authorization

HTTP header: Authorization: Bearer {access_token_here}

Access Token:

User can acquire Access Token by requests that require:

API Host



Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


  1. username: email address
  2. password: some string
  3. client_id: cervello-developers-auth
  4. client_secret: some string
  5. grant_type: password


Error responses use HTTP status codes to indicate the type of error.

The JSON response body will contain a top-level error code and a message with a detailed description of the error.

For example:

HTTP 404 error

        "code": 205,
        "messageKey": "resource_not_found",
        "message": "Invited User is not found"

Errors Object

code shown in below table

code messageKey message
1001 internal_error Internal server error
1002 database_error Database error
101 unauthenticated Unautenticated request
102 unautherized Unautherized action
201 invalid_data Invalid data, Insufficient arguemets
203 invalid_argument_type Invalid argument type
204 unique_argument_exists Unique argument exists
205 resource_not_found Resource not found
206 too_many_arguments Too many arguments
207 too_many_resources Too many resources