Provision Device


Provisioning in IoT can be a tough job if the managing platform doesn’t provide the tools needed to do the job for two main players: manufacturer and platform users, specially organization managers and administrators.

Manufactures have to be able to present their devices provisioning as a plug and play solution so that their clients don’t suffer creation and configuration on device per device base of a considerable number of devices.

On the other hand, platform users like manager and administrators should be able to handle thousands or millions of devices creation, connection authentication, authorization and data telemetry collection in an automatic way.

Cervello makes it easy for manufacturers and for platform manager and administrators to get their devices onboard by providing all the tools needed in a highly secured manner.

Cervello gives to an organization administrator or manager the power to prepare the provisioning of her/his devices by importing a CSV file containing all devices unique identifiers provided by the manufacturer. These unique identifiers can be IMEI, MAC address, Serial Numbers or any other identifier considered unique by the devices manufacturer.

As soon as this CSV is uploaded to Cervello, the system will be responsable of the rest of getting these devices on board by providing automatically connection credentials for authentication, authorization, data modelling and telemetry collection.

On the other side, Cervello provide manufacturers with the tools to generate plug and play provisioning option to their clients.

A manufacturer can use Cervello Manufacturer Portal user interface to generate a security X.509 standard certificate to attach it to a number of devices/sensors. Once a device with a valid certificate establishes a connection to Cervello, the platform will authenticate the manufacturer and handle all required action to add the device to its organization, as well as to receive the device telemetry.

1. Organization Manager

An organization manager is a Cervello user with privilege to administer an organization. In Cervello an organization is a tenant that represents an instance of the whole platform functionalities. These functionalities can be devices assignment to different applications and dashboards. To know more about organizations please see Cervello User Guide. As mentioned before, device provisioning is designed to add large number of devices issued by a certain manufacturer into your organization and securely provision them. Adding bulk devices is done by importing a CSV file containing data about the devices.

1.1 Import Devices CSV file

To import file, go toi the device manager, then click on Provisioning.

alt text

Select Import button to open the form.

alt text

Next user will find a two form items: Name and File.

alt text

First user need to select the manufacturer that issued the devices. Enter the manufacturer name to search, then select it.

Then click on the next form item to choose the file you want to import.

The file must contain the following headers:

uniqueIdentifier deviceName deviceType
00-14-22-01-23-84 deviceProvision1 STANDALONE

uniqueIdentifier: A unique value for each device (for example the device IMEI) .

deviceName: Device name.

deviceType: one of the three available device types (GATEWAY, STANDALONE, PERIPHERAL).

Once you have chosen a file, you will it’s content displayed on a table.

alt text

1.2 Validation and Editing

At the footer of the table of imported devices, you will find number of records (devices), an option to upload another file or to change it, and an icon to show whether the data is valid or not.

You can edit any value or delete a record from the table before inserting them into the database .

At the same time, If there’s an invalid value in the file, the cell of this value will be highlighted in red color to worn you so you can take an action.

alt text

Also, a count of invalid cells will be displayed in the table footer.

alt text

If user hover on the count with your mouse cursor, a tool-tip will appear containing the pages that include invalid cells.

alt text

Also any page that includes an invalid cell will be displayed in red in the pagination links below the table.

alt text

Once your data is valid, click on OK button to confirm adding device.

2.5 Provision request

Now everything is ready to make HTTPS POST request to Cervello to provision device using “Cervello Certificate Access key” as URI param and encryption result from pervious step as a request JSON body.

Cervello will verify the encrypted token using the manufacturer Cervello certificate public key generated in the previous steps. Once this is done, Cervello will create the device in the owner organization devices repository if the device unique identifier exists.

alt text