Devices (or things) are your main data source in Cervello.

Once you have created and connected a device, be it a gateway or a sensor, you can start receiving/managing its data.

Device Credential

Device Credential used by device to authonticate and authorize againest cervello communcation broker.

each device has it’s own unique client id, username and password.


Telemetry are the data provided by devices, this is the main type of data that Cervello collects and process to feed your applications.

For example:

A temperature sensor sending/n current air temperature or another sensor sending/n a car speed. The temperature/n or the speed are the telemetry data.


Attributes are metadata about the device, unlike telemetries, attributes data/n rarely change.

For example:

Attributes are ID, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model.


Alarms Indication of denger situation where you must Acknowledge or Clear depends on the severity Major, Minor or Critical.

For example:

Processor overheat, increase or decrease rate of fan speed, breach, fire alarm, water leak, etc….


Events It is status of a device or situation that you would like to monitor or track depend on your usage.

For example:

sign in/out, car move/stop, device stand by/reboot/shutdown, machine start/stop or light on/off.


Commands Cervello enables you to execute commands directly on any device, all you have to to is add the desired command on the device and execute it whenever you want.