Command Templates

Command templates are a set of commands that will be executed sequentially to the assigned device.

Create template

User can create a command template following these steps: From Device Manager -> Command Templates

Command Templates

Click Create Template Button

Create Command Templates

The first step is to enter the template name. The user can import a template from a .json file. Exporting will autofill all the fields in the steps, so the user can change any field before submitting.

Select Command Templates Protocol

The second step is to select and configure the protocol in which the commands will be sent to the device.

Commands In Command Templates

The third step is to create the commands. The user should click on the Create command button

Create Commands In Command Templates

Commands are added in the same way mentioned in the Commands guide

Assign Command Templates To Devices

The final step is to assign the command template to one or more device. The user can also assign the command template to a device tag, and the command will be sent to all the devices that are assigned to that tag, even if they were assigned after the template was created.

Execute command

User can execute command from command template options menu

Command Template 'Execute' Option

Click Execute

Execute Command Template

Fill in commands’ arguments (if any) and click Execute at the bottom