What is Cervello

Cervello is a multi-tenant cloud / On-premises platform that allows you to connect any IoT device with a web platform for easy control and management.

This platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud/on-premises solution to manage and monitor remotely IoT and M2M devices with infinite possibilities: gathering big data, remote control, Over the Air updates, traffic management, metering, etc.

Cervello allows for an easy integration, and makes managing infrastructures easy, then users can focus on their business logic instead of tedious development and deployment tasks. That way, without the need of a development team of your own, costs and risks are reduced, as well as time to market.

It also can be scalable horizontally as the business grows, and pay only for what it is used.

The following use example illustrates its functioning within a smart city, where Cervello controls and measures several devices and systems through modems connected to Cervello Device Manager, which receives different sensor data in real time, and is able to control, monitor said devices remotely, as well as/n the traffic they generate, etc.