Devices (or things) are your main data source in Cervello.

Once you have created and connected a device, be it a gateway or a sensor, you can start receiving/managing its data.


Telemetry are the data provided by devices, this is the main type of data that Cervello collects and process to feed your applications.

For example:

A temperature sensor sending/n current air temperature or another sensor sending/n a car speed. The temperature/n or the speed are the telemetry data.


Attributes are metadata about the device, unlike telemetries, attributes data/n rarely change.

For example:

Attributes are ID, Serial Number, Manufacturer, Model.


Events are custom messages that can be used as logs for cases that happen in your workflow but not considered as alarms by you.

For example:

A train has arrived to it’s destination, or a bus makes a stop to pick up a passenger.


A type of event that indicates an anomaly in one of the devices in your system or workflow, you can easily trigger an alarm with the component Save Alarm in the VPI Editor.

Alarms also have severity grades and can be acknowledged and cleared by system users.

For example:

you can set a custom rule that creates an alarm if the received temperature value of a sensor exceeds a threshold.


Tag are an easy way to add a number of devices to groups to categorize them so you can execute bulk actions on them later on.

Any device in the same organization can have one or more tag.

Tags make it easy to perform different operations on a group of devices, for example executing commands on multiple devices in parallel or displaying data of another group.


Asset or Site are another way to group devices, it differs from tags in that only devices that are assigned to the same application can/n be grouped together.


Organization serve Cervello multi-tenancy by providing specific privileges to its members to create and manage different resources.


Application allow you to create your IoT solution business logic, along with sites and and dedicate a number of devices to serve this solution.

An application can be used to grant specific users permissions for specific IoT solution to manage under your organization.