The role of applications is to make use of the devices and the telemtries, alarms or events they collect. Applications are very powerful, and the user is expected to spend most of his time building them.

In applications the user can build visualizations based on the telemtries, or logic using VPIs (Visual Programming Interfaces).

Applications can contain assets. An asset is a general representation of any physical container. The asset can contain one or more devices; for example, a light pole can be represented by an asset. An asset may also contain one or more other assets; i.e. an asset may represent a building, which contains other assets representing the apartments, which in turn contain devices.

Although applications can coexist within the same organization, they are isolated. Application members do NOT have access to other applications, assets can NOT be shared by applications, and assigning devices to an application does NOT make the devices accessible to other applications.

You can attach variables or configuraions to you application, variables are data that the application can use and can be changed during the application run time,the contifgurations are the data that the applicaion can use but the application can’t change it during the runtime.

You also can interact with a data source by including a data source to your application.