Data, Logic and Representation

Cervello maintains separation of concerns; meaning that for every funcitonality the platform provides, there’s only one module responsible for this functionality.

At first, it might not be obvoius why this is important, but if our users faced a problem, and didn’t know the origin of the problem, how will they be able to solve it?

Cervello separates between data, logic, and visualization.

Telemetries collected by devices are raw data. Organization members can prepare the environment that allows the collection of data - like devices or networks.

VPIs are used to build logic flows, like:

  • Transforming data.
  • Raising alarms based on the value of the telemetry sent.
  • Send request to external services.
  • Setup end points for external services.
  • Send emails or SMS.

Visualizations are the means provided by Cervello for the users to be able to view the collected data in a meaningful and useful presentation. According to the user’s need, he can build a dashboard composed of charts, gauges, tables and maps, a SCADA HMI composed of HVAC, processing or flow management widgets, or even websites composed of content, forms or other visualizations.

Visualization - Dashboard

Hopefully, you’re now familiar with how Cervello works, and you’re ready to move on to the practical parts of the guide. If this is you’re first time to use the platform you can head to First Steps w here you can find a step-by-step guide to build an application.